Custom Printed Coffee mugs

Custon printed tiles perfect for wall murals!

Custom Mouse pads to give a long lasting gift to the grand parents or your favorite teacher or just keep it for yourself.

2 1/4 or 1 inch round buttons.

In Loving Memory of my husband

Robert (Bob) Boehm

Silent Key July 22, 2014



We are a home based company for small and large business's, family's or organization's identity needs.

Minimum of ONE to order!

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You think it, we print it!   And they came to Jericho.  Mark10:46

Are you losing your identity?

Need your company, organization, or family seen?

We are your solution and are here to help.


Have your family, group, event, or company logo printed on a mug, mouse pad, t-shirt, name tag, or button. 


If you are looking for ARRL Name Badges, click here.

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